DMLE 2018

Decentralized Machine Learning at the Edge

Accepted Papers

Dominik Marek Loroch, Franz-Josef Pfreundt, Norbert Wehn and Janis Keuper Sparsity in Deep Neural Networks - An Empirical Investigation with TensorQuant
Michael Sprague, Amir Jalalirad, Marco Scavuzzo, Catalin Capota, Moritz Neun, Lyman Do and Michael Kopp Asynchronous Federated Learning for Geospatial Applications (Best Paper Award)
Pedro Strecht, João Mendes-Moreira and Carlos Soares Generalizing Knowledge in Decentralized Rule-based Models
Linara Adilova, Nathalie Paul and Peter Schlicht Introducing Noise in Decentralized Training of Neural Networks